Interior Landscape series

Brittany Landscape

Interior Landscape series

These sculptures were a continuation of the Structured Dolmen series of exterior sight specific sculptures, but taken into the gallery.

Brittany Landscape and Ethiopian Landscape

These two sculptures were presented concurrently as a collaboration between the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Charles H. Scott Gallery of the Emily Carr College of Art and Design.

Ethiopian landscape referred to the underground churches in that African country, which were cut out of the natural rock and have their roofs level with the surrounding land. Brittany Landscape was sequential with Ethiopian landscape and used the pre-Celtic ceremonial sites of Brittany in Northern France as its inspiration.

He says, “I consider the symbols of the cross and the alter in these sculptures as metaphors for the human quest for spiritual wisdom: desirable and fragile but, more importantly, almost unobtainable.”

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wood products, architectural glass, ligh

h. 6’ 6 ‘, l. 49’, w. 30’

The Vancouver Art Gallery