Interior Landscape series

Landscape No. 4

Interior Landscape series

These sculptures were a continuation of the Structured Dolmen series of exterior sight specific sculptures, but taken into the gallery.

Landscape No 4

Landscape No 4 was Cogswell’s final sculpture and was exhibited in Stuttgart as part of Germany’s celebration of Canadian culture, held in 1983. For the ‘Room and Installation’ exhibition 12 Canadian sculptors were invited to show their work.

Landscape No 4 was 6’ high, 24’ long and 36’ wide and used wood products, architectural glass and light.

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wood products, architectural glass, light

h. 6’, l. 24’, w. 36’

Exhibited: ‘Raume und Installationen’
Kunstler aus Kanada,
Wurttembergischer Kunstverein
Stuttgart, Germany