Spatial series

Triple Plane 6

Triple Plane series

Following some early explorations with three identical units positioned far apart, but directed to one spot in space equidistant from all of them thus suggesting parts of the surface of an illusionary sphere, Cogswell investigated the extent to which the flat surfaces of simple forms could be perceived to suggest relationships with other, distant, surfaces.

The sculptures Triple Plane 6 & 8 were intended to visually yield to the planes that are created off certain of it’s surfaces and which are considered to create the illusion of forms which continue in space to infinity. The sculptures therefore may be considered the point of creation or a crossroad of these imagined special shapes.

Spatial series

Pressure Group, Triple Plane, Two Columns of space, Single Column

These pieces from the early nineteen-seventies were explorations into the ability of specific forms to suggest illusionary surfaces that continue from the sculpture to the surrounding space. They mostly consisted of three units focused on a single central point or of two units with three divisions and with surfaces divided into rectangular graphic forms.

For these individual sculptures Cogswell worked in either local woods, fibreglass and resin, 1/4-inch plate aluminum or 1/4 inch corrosion resistant weathering steel. This Cor-ten type steel is very long lasting as the oxide (rust) which forms on the surface protects the steel from further corrosion and is self-healing in terms of surface damage.

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Black resin and Fiberglass